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Life insurance is supposed to provide financial security in times of need.  However, insurance companies refuse to pay claims all the time.  When this happens, families can face financial ruin as unpaid bills pile up.  We are attorneys who understand that you need your money.  Life insurance claims are our singular focus.  When we take your case, our job is to help get you paid as quickly as possible.

There are essentially four kinds of life insurance cases that we handle.  Keep reading to find out more about the different scenarios involving denied, delayed and disupted life insurance claims, including those that end up in court in what is known as an interpleader action.

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Denied Claims

A denied claim is one where an insurance company refuses to pay because it believes the insured or policy owner did something wrong.  For example, the insurance company may argue that the policy owner failed to timely pay premiums, the insured person didn't disclose pertinent medical information during the application process, or some other reason allows them to break their promise to pay the claim.


If you fall into this category, click below for more information about this type of claim and learn about your options. 


Disputed Claims

Disputed claims come in two varieties: those where the insurance company already paid the death benefits, but they were paid to the wrong person; and those where two or more people claim the same death benefits, but the insurance company hasn't paid the claim to anyone yet.  The vast majority of disputed claims fall into the second category, though we sometimes see claims that were paid to the wrong person.


If you are involved in a dispute over who should receive life insurance proceeds, click below for more information about this type of claim and why you need to act now to try to head off an interpleader lawsuit, if possible. 


Delayed Claims

Life insurance companies are obligated to pay claims timely, usually within 30 to 90 days after they receive a valid claim and proof of death.  The exact deadline is set by the laws of each state.  A delayed claim is one where the insurance company has not paid a claim within the time limits set by law.  Sometimes the delay is legitimate, and sometimes it's not.  There can be significant penalties if the delay is improper.


If this sounds like your situation, click below for more information about this type of claim and learn about what you can do. 

Interpleader Cases

An interpleader case occurs when an insurance company is willing to pay out life insurance proceeds, but due to the possibility that it could end up having to pay twice for the same death, it wants a court to tell it which person to pay.  Usually, these cases arise when two people assert competing claims to the same death benefits, and the law is not 100% clear on who is legally entitled to the money.  Many times disputed claims that are not settled end up in interpleader litigation.

If you were served with a Complaint in Interpleader or similar lawsuit concerning life insurance proceeds, click below for important information you need to know.  There are strict legal deadlines.


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