Life insurance claim denied?

A denied claim is one where an insurance company refuses to pay because it believes the insured or policy owner did something wrong.  For example, the insurance company may argue that the policy owner failed to timely pay premiums, the insured person didn't disclose pertinent medical information during the application process, or some other reason allows them to break their promise to pay the claim. 


In most cases where a claim is denied, the insurance company will send a claim denial letter explaining why they are refusing to pay, and notifying the claimant that the company is rescinding the policy as if it was never purchased.  In almost all cases, the company will also include a check representing the same amount of money that was spent purchasing the insurance and paying the premiums.  What they hope is that you will cash the check and go away.

If you receive a claim denial letter, you should consult a life insurance attorney before you cash or deposit that check.  Although claims can still be overturned after accepting a refund check, there are some states where it becomes harder as time goes by if you cashed or deposited the refund check.  Life insurance companies make mistakes all the time, and sometimes they have to pay these claims.

Insurance companies deny life insurance claims for all kinds of reasons.  In many cases, a denial decision can be reversed if you know how to navigate the process.  Before you accept defeat, take a few moments to tell us about your situation.  It costs you nothing for one of our attorneys who handles life insurance claims to evaluate your case and make sure you are not walking away from money that rightfully belongs to you. 

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